Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

How do I register?

Firstly you need to view the submission process HERE then fill in the basic information form.

We recommend you submit your application to enter BSI Awards within 02 months before the end date of your campaign. After your campaign reaches its end date and your registration has been confirmed, you will submit all the materials as required in Case Study Information Form.

Once all the materials are successfully received, the registration process will be completed.

What is the difference between Basic Information Form and Case Study Information Form?

Basic Information Form will help our consulting team stay in touch with you, let you know if there is any issues concerning your submission and give you timely support. The information you provide through this form will be used to measure the social media indexes of your campaign.

Case Study Information Form will let you tell a story about your campaign and it can only be submitted after your campaign has been completed. (Notice: The submission deadline is April 01, 2024)

When is the last date of submission for Competing Categories?

Starting from 01/12/2023, we accept all submissions for Competing Categories. The last date to submit your work for consideration will be 01/04/2024.

Eligibility period for Competing Categories?

For Competing Categories, qualified campaigns should start after 01/03/2023 and end at 28/02/2024.

Eligibility period for New Contributor?

For Standard Categories, qualified campaigns will be chosen based on BSI Top10 Monthly Ranking from March 2023 to February 2024.

Can I enter more than one category?

Yes, you can enter as many categories as you want. Please notice that only Competing Categories are open to submission.

What are the entry categories (Competing Categories) of BSI Awards 2024?

In BSI Awards 2024, we have 07 categories that receive submission (Competing Categories), includes:
> The Best Social Media Campaign
> The Best Innovative Social Media Campaign
> The Best Use Of Content Creativity
> The Best Influencers Strategy
> The Best Social & Commerce Integration
> The Best Event With Social Media Strategy
> The Best CSR Campaign

You can view details of judging criteria of each category HERE.

Is there any cost to enter?

We require an entry fee of 12,000,000 VND per submission (VAT not included).

Is my submission confidential?

All the information you provide in Basic Information Form will be kept highly confidential. All the information you provide in Case Study Information Form (such as videos and summaries of your campaign) will be used for promotional activities with credit given to the registrant.

Every campaign submitted to BSI Awards will be added to BSI Awards Library, our public library for marketers.

How is my work evaluated?

For Competing Categories, your submitted work will be evaluated by a jury of leading experts (2 rounds in judging process) combined with social media indexes measured by Buzzmetrics. Meet our jury HERE.
Please view HERE for more detailed criteria of Competing Categories.
For New Contributor, your work will be evaluated based on BSI Top10 Social Media Ranking.

Between categories, are the criteria weighted differently?

Indeed. The criteria are the same for all categories, but for each category, we will weight them differently. You can view details at Awards Categories or Entry Submission Guideline.

Will BSI Awards organizer publicly announce the social media indexes of the submited campaigns?

The social media indexes are only used as reference during the judging process. In case brands/agency request, please contact for details

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