What is BSI Awards?

BSI Awards is the awards program designed for social media marketing in Vietnam.

First launched by Buzzmetrics in 2020, BSI Awards aims to give recognition to brands who have utilized the power of digital transformation to connect and converse with consumers.

We believe that the recognition from BSI Awards will become a new source of inspiration for greater creativity and greater success in modern marketing.

From BSI Top10 to BSI Awards

"Marketer needs a benchmark for evaluating brand’s effort, improving brand’s activities and covering the whole picture of what is happening on social media so far". This has always been the core principle of BSI Top10 Social Media Ranking since its first publication in 2016. Throughout the years, BSI Top10 Social Media Ranking has been improved to truly reflect the social media landscape in the marketing industry.

Based on the achievements of BSI Top10 Social Media Ranking, Buzzmetrics introduces BSI Awards to provide valuable learning opportunities for marketers.

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BSI Awards Proposition

BSI Awards exists to encourage data thinking in the field of marketing and appreciate brands that successfully connect with customers based on localized insights. To measure the impact of a campaign, both consumers' reaction and marketing experts' assessment are taken into consideration. Moreover, with our BSI Awards Library, we aim to create a place where marketers can come and learn about the best social media campaigns in Vietnam. And with BSI Awards Talks, marketers can freely discuss with the leading experts about the latest trends and how to do marketing effectively.

Why should you join BSI Awards?

Comprehensive Judging Criteria

BSI Awards Jury Board reviews a wide range of submitted campaigns, with social data measurement from Buzzmetrics. Budget and duration of the campaign are not the determining factor for success. It is whether the campaign has achieved social media effectiveness in the context of category, idea, strategy, insight, social media impact and objective-based KPI. This is the foundation of BSI Awards Judging System.

BSI Awards is open to all forms of effectiveness. We believe that there is more than one approach to create social media impact. For some campaigns, influencers will be a key factor to gain consumer attention. In other ones, technology is the driving force behind all communication activities. Therefore, every submitted campaign will be evaluated based on the context of their category, competitive and brand situation, and what the campaign has achieved.

Confidentiality and Fairness

Before the judging session, all members of BSI Awards Jury must sign a Code of Conduct Agreement.

By this agreement, the judging process is guaranteed to be free of conflicts of interest, personal preferences and prejudices. Any information about the judging process will be kept confidential before, during and after the event. Any situation that might suggest or imply unfair treatment, such as discussion with a candidate, is prohibited.

Buzzmetrics will provide a detailed guideline for BSI Awards Jury to avoid any unfair situation, as judges are not allowed to score work from their company or their competitors.

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Award Categories

We use the most comprehensive system to honor the most effective social media campaigns.


Campaigns qualified for Competing Categories will be evaluated by a jury of leading experts in the marketing industry combined with social listening measurement based on Buzzmetrics' large database.

  • The Best Social Media Campaign
  • The Best Innovative Social Media Campaign
  • The Best Use of Content Creativity
  • The Best Influencers Strategy
  • The Best Social & Commerce Integration
  • The Best Event with Social Media Strategy
  • The Best CSR Campaign (New)
  • Rising Star (Non applicable category)
  • Agency of The Year (Non applicable category)

Campaigns qualified for New Contributor will be based on the results of monthly BSI Top10 Social Media Ranking. These categories are not for submission.

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