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Marketing has always been an ever growing field with many more things to learn each day. Ten years ago, who would imagine that social media becomes the driving force in the creative industry? Right now, the social media keeps changing and there are brands that make use of this change for greater connection with consumers. Our mission is not only to honor these brands but also showcase their achievements as valuable references for other marketing practitioners.

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Social media is not merely for advertising but for strengthening relationships between brands and consumers through meaningful communication.
Now is the time for us to present the brands with the most effective communication in 2021.

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The marketing industry will keep growing, the social media will keep changing and the marketers will have to keep learning. BSI Awards Blog is where we provide marketers with academic articles about social media marketing and keep them updated with the latest news about BSI Awards.

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BSI Awards' library of all submitted cases is a collocation of ideas that utilize the power of social media for effective communication.
Right here at the library,  there are various summaries and videos of the best works by each year.
We believe that each case study will be a valuable experience for enthusiastic marketers and inspire them for greater creativity in their own campaigns.

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