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Eligible Campaign Time Range
01/03/2022 - 28/02/2023
Submission Deadline
Judging Process
20/04/2023 - 25/06/2023
Awards Ceremony

Judging Info

1. All submitted works for Competing Categories will first go through the social listening measurement by Buzzmetrics. The detailed indicators will be based on the context of submitting category.

2. Buzzmetrics will assign the submitted works along with the results of social listening measurement to the jury for evaluation.

3. There are six sections to evaluate a campaign. Therefore, each member of the jury will provide six scores for each case along with detailed explanation.

4. The jury will hold a meeting to select the winners for each category.

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The goal of BSI Awards is to evaluate to social media effectiveness in the most comprehensive way. To meet the goal, all Competing Categories will be based on the six following scoring sections:

Creative Idea
Connection Plan
Objective-Based KPI
Social Media Indexes

Based on the context of a category, the detailed requirements for each scoring sections will be different.

Terms & Conditions

1. The awards are open to all marketers and agencies whose campaigns are launched, implemented, and targeted to the audience that is in residence in Vietnam. Activities can be implemented globally, but it is important to clarify the part of the activities and their measurable effectiveness when deployed in Vietnam.

2. The registrant is responsible to ensure that the brand's image, intellectual property, and authenticity are used for promotional activities. You must also have permission to enter this work from the commissioning brand/brand-owning company/senior officer (CD, CEO, or Chairperson). We may request proof of this permission directly from the brand.

3. By participating in the project, the brand agrees for Buzzmetrics to place case study information on the Library on BSI Awards website which is for sharing & learning purposes in the community as well as promoting the award.

4. In case that the campaign is a cooperation of many parties, then only one party can register to participate and demonstrate the work. More than one party registering for the same campaign is not accepted.

5. The entries will be completed when the entrants complete their payment.

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