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21/12/2021 - 31/12/2021




SỐNG Gallery - The first exhibition that combines music using 360 livestream technology in Vietnam.

Looking back at a year 2021 with the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic, the days of "all people fighting against the epidemic" have left unforgettable impressions.
Bringing multi-dimensional perspectives on the pandemic through the prism of music and art, thereby conveying positive messages to viewers and calling on the audience to support the Red Cross central fund to help frontline force and enabling many people to recover their lives.

And Livestream 360 technology is the best solution for brand:
- To meet the needs of organizing music minishows in combination with exhibitions during the Covid-19 epidemic prevention and control situation.
- Allow brand use 360 technology to present the exhibition space in a realistic, lively and intuitive way. Viewers can both enjoy the music, experience the art space and deeply feel the meaning of the show.
- And 360-degree livestream gives the feeling of "LIVE" in real space, viewers will feel like they are present there and can actively enjoy the show.


During the pandemic, we stuck in our room, and so do our brain, they are stuck in negative things…
According to statistics from Google and Facebook, users tend to watch videos, especially livestreams, which skyrocketed during the quarantine period due to the epidemic.
- 53% say that watching livestream with artists helps them stay connected
- 85% of people watch at least 1 livestream within 12 months (pre-show data)

Target audiences are:
- Energizing group: People looking for a musical space to reminisce, heal, and appreciate a difficult but trying time. They are willing to share difficulties with the community by providing financial support through programs
- Fire-keeping group: People currently struggling with the pandemic. They want to find more spiritual sources of motivation to continue their journey. The program is a place to appreciate their efforts and give them more motivation.

Through the campaign, we can bring positive energy to connect ourselves with others and between people and people.


Concept Idea:
SỐNG Gallery - displays 'icons' containing special stories of COVID by people who share the same belief about better days. Objects that seem inanimate but really "live" as part of memorable experiences in the journey together to fight the epidemic.

- Show format: Exhibition combines talk and music performance
- The space displays the "icons" associated with special stories of the COVID season that are recreated and LIVE through the diverse and multi-dimensional perspectives of the guests. New storytelling through music will bring a youthful, optimistic spirit but still contain profound messages to pay tribute to this historic moment.
- A music program that combines an art exhibition with 3 chapters, taking viewers through messages and emotions ranging from joyful, quiet to optimistic about the days ahead.
+ Chapter 1 – Live the days "wherever you stay" - Recreate together the trends of the epidemic season, activities that have made spiritual life at home more joyful.
+ Chapter 2 -Live in the battle on the front lines - Great moments of frontline teams in the fight against the epidemic showing solidarity
+ Chapter 3 - Live as intensely as the first time - Closing with gratitude for the stories of everyday heroes racing to save lives for everyone, returning to a positive "new normal" life

SỐNG Gallery is Vietnam's first music show combining exhibition with super-genuine 360-degree livestream technology on the OTT platform! This is a livestream format where viewers are not limited by space, freely zooming in with just a few swipes. This application will bring a new, impressive, realistic and vivid experience like an event held at the point (offline).
Take advantage of the Insta360 Titan camcorder with sharp images, deep and vivid colors in all lighting conditions, the Insta360 Pro2 with 8K video recording even when streaming and a professional Flycam system using the DJI Matrice M600 Pro Flycam, we were able to organize a successful livestream show on the OTT TV360 platform of Viettel Telecom and Facebook on December 30, 2021.


SỐNG Gallery has received a warm response from the community and made a big splash at the end of 2021.
With the concept of holding a live show and calling for support for the Red Cross Central Committee, the media campaign is divided into 3 phases.

- Teasing: Suggesting show information, attracting public attention through content on Viettel Telecom's fanpage, TV360, groups, frame ads, PR articles on press channels suitable to the target audience and the artists’ fanpage who participating in the show such as: Den Vau, Van Mai Huong, Nguyen Ha, Hoang Dung, MC Phi Linh, Mau Nuoc Band. In particular, we use personalized digital invitation as a tactic for guests to share on their personal facebook, contributing to spreading information, reveal behind-the-scenes information before the show
- Booming: Livestream directly on Fanpage channels Viettel Telecom, TV360, broadcast TV360 platform (can be viewed on mobile devices or SmartTV at home) with both 2D show and 360 show formats suitable for different needs of customers
- Recap & Maintain funding: review memorable moments, impressive numbers, special cuts of the show, upload 360-degree clip to Viettel youtube channel and continue to call for support to the Red Cross Central Committee


At the end of the show, the campaign achieved impressive numbers
- Total value of support to the Red Cross Central Committee: 1.4 billion VND – achieved 140% target
- Over 3 million streams in 10 days on TV360 for 360 version, and over 2 million streams for 2D version
- Over 20 million reach on Fanpage Viettel Telecom & TV360 - Over 20 million reach on VOV
- Over 10 million engagements on Fanpage Viettel Telecom & TV360

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