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15/01/2022 - 30/01/2022




During the pandemic, we stuck in our room, and so do our brain, they are stuck in negative things…
After a long time of separation and anxiety in the context of the Covid-19 epidemic, Vietnamese people's lives are back to the "New Normal" with many changes and new joys. Instead of boredom and anxiety, we accept to face and change to start a new life.
Besides, about the brand factor: Viettel is known as a brand that realizes the impossible, from universalizing telecommunications (everyone has a mobile phone) to popularizing telecommunications. access data (free data on new generation entertainment and work platforms: Zalo, Tik Tok, Viber, TV360). 4G Viettel becomes a natural part of life, helping to bridge distances, conveying emotions - new life values! - VIETTEL - CONNECT FOR NEW LIFE VALUES.
Therefore, Viettel directly conveys new and unknown things of over Vietnam only in this program - giving viewers the true “Get out & Connect” moments, through: Livestream

In fact, with 4G Viettel, the difference is the participation of hundreds of the most idyllic content creators - Vietnamese people who are willing to share about their individuals, families, homeland, and regions. Bringing together many KOLs/Influencers with the roles of leading to explore the experience of “Get out” & “Connect”.


1. Insight
According to Google research, during the 2 years of being affected by covid 19, users have changed their habits of using social networks. Users now regularly watch videos, especially livestreams to meet the following 02 needs:
Get out: Finding new things for reality
+ 25% increase in views of “natural sound” videos
+ 52% of Viewers think that watching experiential/spatial videos makes them feel escapist from reality.
Connect : Stay Connected with others
+ 53% think that watching livestreams with artists helps them connect with people
+ 82% of people watched at least 1 livestream in the last 12 months

Viettel 4G's target audiences:
+ Group of Young customer: 19-25 years old, have a need to chat, update trends on social networks
+ Group of Office people: exchanging with customers, going on business trips need data
+Group of Housewife: connect with friends, watch movies or watch clips on Youtube

Start from customer insight, when analyzing content consumption behavior during the Covid-19 pandemic, the campaign creative team realized that everyone's need for "Get out" & "Connect" during the Tet holiday was greatly appreciated. pushed to the top. They want to escape the distance, connect with friends and relatives, and loneliness becomes more obvious and cared for than ever.

After a long period of social distancing and limited communication, Vietnamese people's lives have returned to the "new normal" rhythm. Instead of depression and anxiety, people gradually accept to face change. To meet that need, Viettel Telecom - connect for new life values together with ADT Creative has built the concept of a "North-South train going across the country" connecting demand points in all regions, with many levels. emotions, creating 36 hours of "Tai nghe - Mắt thấy - Tim yêu" by the form of non-stop livestream, and also thanks to Viettel Telecom's 4G power, which has removed barriers so that viewers can freely experience the "regions" new space" walks along Vietnam in its own way.

2. Information of KOLs participating in the campaign
“CONNECTING 0 VND - 36 HOURS NON-STOP JOURNEY ON THE NORTH SOUTH TRAIN” brings together more than 30 KOLs, Influencers from all over the country, with their own characteristics and the participation of more than 200 micro influencers nationwide.
+ Hot Influencers in traveling & discovering
- Chan La Cà
- Tô Đi Đâu
- Fahoka xê dịch
- 16 travel
- Xù lèo
+ Influencers in young groups
- Hiệp Đỗ
- Việt Phương Thoa
- Hằng Bean (Welax)
- Ngọc Thiệp (Welax)
- Minh Vẹo (Welax)
- Misthy
+ Hot Singers
- Chillies
- Pink frog
+ Comedian
- 1977 Vlog
- Minh Dự
+ Influencers in F&B / Entertaiment
- Ẩm thực làm mẹ
- Ninh Tito
- Opp Banana
+ Influencer in Sport / Lifestyle
- Hana Giang Anh
+ Influencers with interesting storíe
- Nếm TV
- Kin ơi đi thôi
- Hà Mạnh
- An Đen
- Hà Thịnh
+ Hot tiktok, Youtube all over Vietnam
- Long Chun
- Tun Phạm
- Tiểu Hý
- Lê Bống
- Trần Thanh Tâm
- Đức Anh
- Linda ngô

And rows of micro influencers across the country participated in the campaign through clips sent to the program, spreading on social networks.


With Concept: "North-South Train"- The reality program stretches from North to South according to the journey of SE5 Thong Nhat train. Passing 25 train stations in 18 cities, the train will take us to experience and listen to new breaths, discover new things never ever seen before in Vietnam. At each train station, the actual filming crew will welcome new guests with unique perspectives, enough to retain viewers and keep them watching
These are the stories of the firsts:
- Experience the North-South train going along the length of the country
- Bringing together many kols/influencers who lead to explore the “Get out” & “Connect” experience
- The combination of KOLs with different personalities, taking on challenges and creating exclusive products on board
- Unique stories about culture and beautiful landscapes in different regions are revealed

These elements expressed through the KOLs participating in the program, according to the brand's own characteristics.
In particular, the record of 36 hours of non-stop livestreaming on 4 different social networking platforms will attract the public's attention and arouse curiosity.
- What will they do for the 36 hours?
- Am I missing something interesting?
- What will they do next?
Realism and live interaction encourage and motivate viewers who can't take their eyes off the livestream screen


+ Concept implementation: Divided into 6 stages with 6 levels of emotions (Excited, Energetic, Surprised, Vibrating, Excited, Ready). Each stage is led by a different host and 1-2 different companions to create attractiveness, keep the pace and heat for the story. Besides, launched at the time of celebrating the new year, the program also energizes the post-lockdown life and welcomes a Happy New Year all over Vietnam

+ Along with the 36-hour continuous livestream, the production team also constantly spreads the campaign on social networks by:
- Produce unique excerpts and small segments from the livestream and post them on social channels
- Posts and shares about the program on personal Fanpage, Youtube, Tiktok not only of /Influencers participating in the program and of more than 200 micro influencers nationwide.
- Maintain the hotness and interactivity between stages by connecting TV terminals and direct gift-giving minigames

+ KOLs participating in this campaign will include 2 main parts:
- Organize contests around the country, launch content contributions to the program. Documentary discovery with KOLs, influencers along the journey from North to South.
- Record live livestream right on the 36-hour journey, with the participation of KOLs, Influencers.

In which, the ratio is distributed as follows:
- 60% of live chat content right on the Thong Nhat train, going from North to South, by KOLs;
- 30% of Materials made by KOLs according to BTC's proposal or KOL's own proposal, cleverly integrated into the travel itinerary;
- 10% Content from the launch contest contributes stories to the livestream journey.


Achievement after 48 hours livestream:
25 million streams
9 million engagements

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