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01/08/2021 - 31/10/2021




Tiger has been the leading premium beer brand in the Vietnam market with the 2 main product lines: Tiger Regular and Tiger Crystal. To consolidate its dominant position, Tiger aimed to conquer the rising star segment in the beer market: GenZ.

GenZ has a reputation of being bold, being expectation breaker with the urge to carve their own mark into the world. Following consumer-centric approach, Tiger understand GenZ's desire, so they enabled Social media platform as the main platform of Collaboration, in which the brand and GenZ join hands to go thru a journey of “co-brew", “co-judge" and “co-launch” a beer that really embodies the DNA of the Z generation, a beer that is made by GenZ and for GenZ.

In the mid and short term, Tiger Platinum focus on building emotive to well register as the beer of GenZ by capturing their insights and desire thru Collaboration platform. On the other hand, Tiger Platinum’s ambition is to educate product functions and establish the new drinking style for GenZ as the pioneer in the premium wheat lager beer segment, via an always-on credential campaign.


Living in the technology era, GenZ has experienced rapid changes in the world and looked up to countless innovations being made, thus they dream of leaving their own marks to prove their worth too. Tiger has tapped into this desire and offered a Collaboration platform, in which GenZ can be the co-creator of the brand-new Tiger product with the Uncage Spirit of Tiger and represent for themselves - Courage Generation.

Social media was chosen as the sole leading platform for this campaign due to its undeniable importance in GenZ’s lives in which they communicate, network and entertain with each other and with brands.


Based on the powerful insight of GenZ that craved for the collaboration to express their marks, the Tiger Platinum simply enabled the opportunity to involve GenZ alongside with their journey of the new product launch, including 3 key phase of new product launch:

Co-Brew Your Beer ID - Cùng Ủ Vị Bia Đậm Dấu Ấn
Tiger Provided a Tiger collab hub for young consumers to brew their virtual beer from their own marks with the 3 leaders represent for the 3 worlds

Co-Judge Your Beer ID - Cùng Quyết Vị Bia Đậm Dấu Ấn
After Tiger released the real 3 beer tastes as the Limited Edition Of Tiger Collab on Lazada for users to hunt for and really experience the beer taste that brewed from GenZ's marks.

Co-Lanch Your Beer ID - Cùng Tung Vị Bia Đậm Dấu Ấn
By giving GenZ the room to judge and decide the beer made by them and for them to be officially launched, Tiger gained more than 10k votes from GenZ to really collaborate with the brand and celebrate the new beer launch.

This phase, the new beer named Tiger Platinum, initiated a Social-led campaign given many factors like Covid restrictions and impacts, enabling the significant rise of Digital penetration, and Social in particular.

Firstly, we triggered the consumers’ curiosity by teasing the name of the new Tiger product line in a GenZ way and slang “Bia J Z Choy" (What Beer Izzit Going To Launch?) via Name guessing engagement activity. Utilizing the voice of relevant GenZ-KOLs having some characters in their name that can form the word “Platinum", we encourage users to guess the name of the GenZ beer with attractive rewards.

Afterwards, the official launch coincided with the social distancing period in Vietnam, thus we promptly switched to Social media platform as our main source of activation. After driving awareness for Tiger Platinum as the catalyst for GenZ to celebrate their marks via a series of product-centric KOL content, we created an interactive livestream show that was swiftly conducted on Social as a means of entertainment during Social distancing but also a platform for Gen Z to uncage their marks. During the livestream, GenZ was offered a highly entertaining and engaging playground where they can express themselves via interactive game & inspired by the “Uncage Your Mark" spirit of Tiger Platinum via KOL stories and performances - DeCao, De Choat, DJ Mie, 16Typh, Phuong Ly,…

Upon mass covering Tiger Platinum image to consumers, we also educated them about the product functions that are really suited for GenZ as well as the way to use Tiger Platinum in a Z-style.


Social platforms were the leading means of communication for this campaign with heavy investment, together with other Digital channels by capturing GenZ distinctive media behavior.

The campaign employed support from paid media and PR on GenZ frequently visited channels: Kenh 14, Zing News, Spotify, Zing MP3, … to maximize reach for new brand launch with 40% total budget. While on Social - with the remaining 60% campaign budget, Lead KOLs played the key role of inspiring users about the brand spirit, with significant social investment at 52%. Supporting and Micro KOLs investment accounted for 30% of the social budget, mostly helping spread inspirational campaign message with relevant context to maximize relevance and call users for joining engagement activities. Last but not least, the young and rising community fanpages were invested with 17%, to amplify campaign activities to approach GenZ with mass scale.


Tiger Platinum Launch campaign has uncage its own marks by remarkable results, which strongly prove it's a successful campaign:

- Top 1 Social Campaign by BSI in September 2021 by gaining 1,8M buzz with an out-break reach score (by approaching 4,2M unique users) and outstanding cost efficiency (CPB 2,8k VND).

- The interactive livestream event “Bật dấu ấn hệ bản lĩnh" happened in a relevant context to promptly respond users' demand of interactive entertaining content on social, which attracted impressive viewership with 31,000 CCU and gained 540K views within just 1,5 hours of live streaming.

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