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01/01/2021 - 30/4/2021




Creative Strategy:
Tough time brings challenges, but also provides opportunities to BE GREATER, starting with Health & Wellness.In this campaign, Creative and Media strategy with Mobile-first approach & Agility was put in motion "Be Greater" agenda for all participant groups.


Having already owned a leading position in the banking market, Techcombank still aspires to become MORE THAN A BANK. We aim to harbor a vision to "Change Banking, Change Lives with the brand promise to lead, inspire and spread the Be Greater living spirit.

TECHCOMBANK wants to go beyond financial empowerment into improving people’s Health & Wellness with TECHCOMBANK Ho Chi Minh City International Marathon since 2017

But how can Techcombank empower Vietnamese people to connect with this marathon not as just another race, but A MEANINGFUL SOCIAL MOVEMENT, especially in this Covid-19 which imposed challenges and disrupted lives.


Marathon is not just a race, it is a journey of individual transformation that can multiply and become a national movement.

Hence, here’s come our big idea:
"THE GREATER RACE – GREATER ME, GREATER YOU, FOR A GREATER VIETNAM" - a Social Movement of transformation.


To execute, our campaign was well designed via 4C journey 100% focused on mobile
In CATCH, we launched a thematic a mobile-optimized KV series and a manifesto clip to drive awareness with multiple-mobile-friendly formats
With CONNECT, the story series called "My greater race" was launched to motivate every target segment
We also engaged via a Marathon Facebook filter to drive User-Generated-content.
And during Covid-19 Lockdown, we still leverage Mobile-friendly contents to spread encouragements to people.

No matter where you are (geographic targeting), you once knew about Techcombank or marathon (look alike audience), you have seen our stories before (re targeting), we will bring the Greater Race to your phone.

The D-Day finally came, after 3 month of delayed due to pandemic, with more than 13,000 people to join our Great Race.
The social media was exploded with the excitement created by KOLs, active runners and every other participant.
On our side, we also provided real-time coverage with leaderboard & scored with social-worthy moments.
With these unforgettable stories of transformation, we have gained alot of PR attention & CONTINUED to drive positive social buzz.


- At the end, The Greater Race has successfully gain 2million views, ignite the movement to 12.5 million people & increase to 505% in search compared to the pre-launching

- CSR contributed 2 billion VND to the fund "THE GREATER RACE" with the goal of sustainable development with the community.

By utilizing mobile as a lead medium & successfully bringing out the Greater journeys of all people, we have become the No.1 private bank in Vietnam with:
- Top of mind went up 30% compared to pre launch.
- Brand Awareness rose to 87%
And Brand love rocket up to 38% after the event week versus to pre launch.

With the campaign, Techcombank also became the private bank with highest Consideration in the market at 48%, leading to an impressive Bank’s Income growth of more than 46.2%.

- Until now, our Marathon remains the largest competitive sport event in Vietnam
- Our success went beyond metrics to touch Vietnamese's lives deeply. Techcombank did not just create a Marathon. We started a powerful social movement, to BE GREATER everyday. And it continues.

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