The Best Use of Social Media Influencers


11/08/2021 - 30/09/2021




In August 2021, Samsung introduced Galaxy Watch4 series & Galaxy Buds2 to the technology fans in Vietnam, following the successful footsteps of their predecessors, Watch3 series & Buds Pro.

This time, we faced slightly different target audiences. Due to their growing influence & purchasing power, GenZ & Millennials – or also know as GenMZ, are the key driving force of consumers in Vietnam. In order to recruit these youngsters, Samsung not only has to raise awareness for the new innovative products but also ENGAGE & INSPIRE the audience to drive relevancy in key contexts.

The challenge was to launch both of these Galaxy Wearables under a coherent digital-focus communication strategy all the while marketing individual product features to their respective target audiences.

A digital influencer-first campaign was the answer. We painted an aspirational picture for the audience by leveraging influencers with bullseye portraits of Watch & Buds – young, dynamic generation that doesn’t settle down for anything subpar. They are micro to macro influencers, males & females from 18-30, with healthy personal image & cover a wide range of passion-points (health/fitness, lifestyle, fashion, music etc.). This strategy would then incorporate a social topic with much stopping-power, across MZ’s most prominent social touchpoints, which are Facebook, Instagram & Youtube.


That was when we looked closer into each consumer need and find out these interesting insights:
For smartwatches, while brands have been promising peak fitness performance, we saw a trend of new ways to self-care which shifts user’s interest towards holistic health from GenMZ. They are expecting a smartwatch to understand & motivate them towards everyday wellness.
Same goes for the TWS (wireless earphones) as GenMZ are using diverse audio forms, liberating themselves from the confines of entertainment to amplify key moments of various passions. Thus, making Buds an indispensable daily companion.

Mapping those tensions together, we set out to introduce all new Watch4 series/Buds2 to GenMZ as ‘The Galaxy duo that become your everyday companions’ by offering the duo’s synergy as a lifestyle solution for user’s daily needs & passion-points. Hence, establishing these Wearables as the dear friends to help our audience get the experiences they crave for.


Introducing, FWB, otherwise known as Friends With Benefits, which is a relevant term that MZ are so dauntingly familiar with to immediately capture their attention. In later phases, this acronym was translated to “Friend-Watch-Buds” and “Fitness-Well-being”, emphasizing on the benefits each device gave & established meaningful roles for Watch/Buds in their user’s lives.

To successfully roll out the “term” FWB, we chose to start with the source of all trends – Influencers; then we amplify it on online PR & social communities for a 360 utilization of the social echo chamber.


First, we stirred up curiosity with mass PR & Influencers by teasing about the controversial phrase “FWB." The KOLs implied they have a "FWB" through their postings.

Followed right after were Samsung owned channels of (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram) & Social outreach to reveal the Galaxy duo behind the buzz, formally introducing both product-centric & lifestyle content to familiarize users with new product features in daily usage, especially within the context of health monitoring, working & entertaining in Covid.

After users were acquainted, we tapped further into the key passion-points of health & music by launching "Feel like buds, Understand like Watch" engagement activity on Facebook with influencers pioneering. We asked users to join in & show their unique takes on holistic living with Watch4/Buds2. The activity ended with a WHOPPING 441 user submissions.

In parallel, lower funnel channels such as Dotcom (website) & CRM promoted these products with promotion schemes. Thus, completing a full-funnel digital approach of the campaign.


With the clear objectives to win GenMZ on social by inspiring massive buzz around the launch & engaging the audience to drive relevancy in key contexts, the results were nothing short of holistic.

Within 2 months, Watch4 series & Buds2 series respectively achieved:
213,813 & 169,130 buzz across all channels
Relevant buzz always stayed 117% above KPI
Positive sentiment maintained at a stellar 99.6% on average, proving our resonance to users throughout all activities & digital channels deployed.

All proving our message resonated with consumers throughout all activities & digital channels deployed.
With Samsung, Gen MZ will always have their everyday friends with benefits to help them maximize a holistic living.

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