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25/02/2021 - 30/06/2021




Redoxon has just launched the communication in 2020 and made a significant stride on total awareness (jumping index by 493% vs pre-launch with a small gap to the 3rd big brand in the category). Yet still has low spontaneous awareness in the market. This re-launch campaign had a clear objective to grow 5% of sales in 2021 and maintain market leader position by owning “IMMUNITY” positioning and creating more usage occasions, making Redoxon brand be a part of consumer daily life.

The pandemic changed the whole market. It triggered most brands to change their proposition. We started to see brands that are not immune boosters become immune boosters. Being ourselves too an immunity booster, Redoxon faced the challenge of getting diluted in the sea of similarities.

That was when we knew it was time to get out of the box with a clear & cutting content strategy to show consumers what we can really do for them, not just ads with benefit promises. The biggest question is, how do we turn an ordinary effervescent tablet that’s everyone perceives as something as serious as a pill into something that’s exciting enough to be a part of their life?


To effectively grow the business, the total audience was précised to two key specific audience segments:
#1: Approaching moms of 25-35yo who put health first to switch to Redoxon to strengthen her & family’s immunity by continuously driving brand awareness of Redoxon superiority in immunity protection thanks to the unique formulation of C, D, Zinc.
#2: Reinforcing moms of 25-35yo who are using Redoxon to continue regularly consuming Redoxon as part of their “new normal” by establishing more relevant and meaningful usage occasions to consume Redoxon to boost their immunity in their lifestyle.

From these families, we found out an intriguing fact – people enjoy the taste of Redoxon. With that unique feature, we know we have a chance to become a daily treat for our consumers - the young millennial family who got stuck in the dilemma of health and pleasure


We launched “REDOXON – TURN YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE INTO HEALTHY PLEASURE” – the first time ever concept of using the effervescent tablet to make healthy food that can boost your immunity and protect your health. This directly tapped into our audience’s online tendency during Covid, hitting their aching interest in enhancing immunity & home-cooking.

Not just simply advertise about how tasty we are, we kicked off the campaign by inspriring every Vietnamese mom to utilize that tastiness for their everyday meal through creative assets & engaging contest. By doing so, we were able to show the audience the simplest way to make those food and drinks right in their very kitchen, and tap into mom’s online behavior to create the most natural User-generated content (UGC).


This was a purely 100% digital-driven campaign including YouTube, Social, SEM, and Programmatic Display. Not just simply advertise about how tasty we are, we kick off the campaign by showing how every Vietnamese mom can utilize that tastiness for their everyday meal through a manifesto video, following by a series of mini-tutorial videos in which we show the audience the simplest way to make those food and drinks right in their very kitchen. The collaboration with 2 famous chefs and nutritionists to create the recipes made the campaign even be more credible to the audience.

Every tutorial video is linked to an E-com platform where we activate our special promo, selling Redoxon at a special price and giving away cooking kits with ingredients that’s ready to bring those recipes to life.
We did a partnership with the Cooky mobile app - the top 1 community group sharing recipes or kitchen management tips which is an untapped opportunity and highly relevant platform to maximize and viral the message of the immunity value.

Finally, we encouraged them to take action by hosting a contest to find out the best meal created with Redoxon. The contest was also published on the Cooky community group to trigger users to participate in the contest and spreading out the sampling of Redoxon. With the cooperation of a network of our moms KOLs, countless Vietnamese young moms have joined us in making their meal with Redoxon, so many that it helps us break the Guinness World Record with 465 recipes being made in just 1 hour.

Most of these are in video format, and we systematically executed different media buy types to drive effective reach, effectiveness view-through rate, and action conversion.

Moreover, through data and mobile, we were able to target the right consumers at the right and unexpected moment through lookalike/retargeting and affinity targeting focused on Food/Recipe/Family/Health/Travel.


The “TURN YOUR GUILTY PLEASURE INTO A HEALTHY PLEASURE” campaign successfully created more usage occasions of using Redoxon in consumers’ lifestyle by convincing Redoxon is a boost of immunity to their daily meals. This also helped to dial up the meaningfulness and relevancy in the brand score.

- The campaign reached a staggering 83% relevant audience with 9.6 million views delivery. The videos generated great engagement with the manifesto clip generating 39% VTR (116 index vs. market benchmark). The series tutorial video showed even better effectiveness with 68% VTR thanks to content-based targeting.
- The various influencer posts, minigames, cooking contest and Super Brand Day generated close to 2 million engagement.
- The partnership with Cooky app helped to spread out 1K Sampling on Market service.
- 63% Share of Voice on social platforms during the campaign according to Buzzmetrics
Most importantly it delivered great business results with 77% of respondents saying that they will think of Redoxon as an addition to their food (Kantar Survey). Also, the brand saw a 158% increase in sales through offline channels and a 738% increase in online channels vs. the same period last year, becoming the #1 best selling vitamin C supplement on Shoppee. Proving that an innovative idea coupled with great execution with a focus on mobile can drive phenomenal business results.

From now on, every meal across Vietnam is not only good in taste but also great for immunity health with Redoxon Triple Action.

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