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11/7/2021 - 14/7/2021




The Background and The Challenge:
In July 2021, Vietnam was facing the 4th wave of COVID-19 that has seriously affected people's health and life with social distancing and a lot of difficulties during the pandemic.
Red Bull is the market leader with the Brand message “Positive power ignites inner strength”. So, how has Red Bull recall Brand love in the situation of COVID-19? How has they refuel users positive power to overcome the struggles by social campaign and become the talk of the town on social media?

The Strategy
The Campaign Objective:
1. Increase TOM Brand awareness of Red Bull (TOM) by driving Buzz volume and Audience scale
2. Strengthen Brand love by encouraging social users join Brand activities
Generate the booming Social campaign with the tipping points in Positive Day 11/7 - the platform of Red Bull from 2020.
Spread out the Integrated Digital campaign in a short time by leveraging Hoàng Anh Gia Lai football club - the partner of Red Bull and other KOLs, Communities.


The Insight and The Trend:
- Accordingly to “What’s hot on social” reports in July 2021 of Buzzmetrics, the negative information were the hottest topic of discussion on social. Vietnamese have suffered from negative energy from COVID-19.
- Many brands have participated in doing CSR campaign to all create a social trend of supporting people prevent the pandemic.
- Goals in hands, Red Bull brand is representative of Positive Energy. They should ignite Positive Energy of Vietnamese to inspire them spread out their positivity in the pandemic. And need to stand out from others.


The Creative Idea:
Red Bull and Mango Digital who is the social partner, call users to take action by doing easy, life-relevant and meaningful action with the Creative idea “Positive Day - Positive Action” in Positive Day 11/7 of Red Bull brand.


The Execution Plan:
Red Bull has started the social movement of “11.7 Positive Day - Positive Action” Social Campaign. They have celebrated their Positive Day 11/7 by announcing the donation (VND 2 billion) on Brand fanpage. Besides, they have encouraged users join the online contest to share their Positive action.

At the same time, HAGL page has announced a series of positive activity with reaction of HAGL footballers (Cong Phuong, Xuan Truong, Van Toan…) to participate in and call their fans to take action.

In Social Outreach channel, more than 100 mass KOLs, Micro influencers and Groups have shared their positive activity from Red Bull and call to action.

All of netizens have generated the hottest fever of Positive Action UGC content during 11/7 to 14/7/2021.


The Campaign Objective-based KPI:
The Positive Day 11/7 has become the social phenomenon to generate the big wave of UGC content on social media from planning to execution in only 4 days. Its spotlight as below

Brand performance
TOM Brand awareness increase 5 points from 35% Q3 to 40% Q4

Social performance
The campaign has achieved the 1th BSI ranking of traditional category in July.
+12.000 UGC content in only 4 days
Audience scale: 60,000
Buzz volume: nearly 12,000 buzz
Sentiment score: 0.98
The Positive Day campaign has contributed the most buzz (76% - 119,7k) to total buzz volume of Red Bull in July (157,4k) and Red Bull has gained the best SOV in ED category (85% in July and 63% in July - August 2021)

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