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11/09/2021 - 08/10/2021




True Love is PNJ’s established communication platform since 2018, as a step change from the leading jewelry retail brand in Vietnam, to honor true values and inspired by real life stories to challenge the status quo and advocate for true love of couples from different walks of life and against all prejudices, like genders or social norms.

Unlike the previous 3 waves, Vietnam Covid outbreak of the 4th wave since Apr ’21 threw the whole country off guard. The whole Retail sector, PNJ included, & many other business was disrupted and paralyzed due to complete lockdown for quarters until Q4’21. Amidst the pandemic, there was fundamental shift in consumer’s needs, behaviors and priorities with demand plumets for non-essential categories like jewelry and lifestyle retail. PNJ was then faced with the challenge to keep the category and brand RELEVANT, yet the AUTHENTIC through communication and product role while most marketing activities, including content production was halted, and with budget constraint. PNJ Marketing team has yet wisely inspired and engaged consumers by Content Strategy with:

- Being RELEVANT in the context of Pandemic in Vietnam through customer driven insights: people realize the true value of their beloved ones and therefore much more cherish the simple things and moments of present and being able to stay together. There was no better time to embrace real stories in this context.
- Being AUTHENTIC by dialing up those true stories via the "Holding hands & never let go" [Những cái nắm tay không rời] from our customers through contest and featuring them in an MV, then spread out that meaningful and positive vibes among social. Authenticity is always inspiring by itself to connect people naturally.
With consumer-centric approach, PNJ has become the consumer’s companion, creating a platform to help them appreciate the simple yet beautiful moments with their loved ones. The products, PNJ rings, has naturally become the symbolic expression and the witness of their love and lifetime stories of the 2021 pandemic in Vietnam.


While the classical communication target audience for Love & Wed segment is couples aged 25 – 45, PNJ found that there is a universal human truth across all ages and walks of life from the pandemic that would be a powerful insight and relevant for True Love communication platform for this one-of-a-kind 2021. Everyone might have a different definition of love, yet the pandemic brought us to realize that…

True Love is not about having extravagant dinners at Michelin starred restaurants,
Nor taking fancy trips to wonderland,
Nor living lavish fairytale like moments,
It’s simply holding each other’s hands tightly through the thick & thin of life,
and never let go…

[Consumer verbatims]
- "It turns out that normally my wife has to work so hard to take care of everything for the family"
- "The number of cases increases every day, just hope that our family is still safe and sound"
- "It's fun to sit and chat together instead of joining the party"

All those insights strongly empower PNJ to go with an emotional campaign, especially via the most authentic true love stories to touch consumer’s hearts.


All those insights strongly empower PNJ to go with an emotional campaign, especially via the most authentic true love stories to touch consumer’s hearts.
With the insights identified for 2021 True Love, PNJ developed powerful Creative Idea for True Love with a few key pillars:

- The Campaign Idea: At PNJ, we challenged the status quo that (True) Love has to be beautiful and perfect as a dream, through real people and life stories and presented the brand Point of View is that True Love is instead staying together (physically or mentally), holding each other hands and sticking through all life ups & downs.
- Ride on social trends: The positive outlook of PNJ of focusing on simple but beautiful and lasting moments of being together and holding hands that enable couples to go life journey. This relates and was embraced by millions especially in the midst of many negative news everyday given the pandemic outbreak and complete lockdown in major cities.
- Powerful hero visual of holding hands together going through life toughest moments, that showcases different couples of different life stages, profession or personal stories, in all of which there was a clear product role.
- Create Social conversation with: insightful manifesto, approachable & relevant KOL with a cause, UGC (User Generated Content) activation, and closure with MV (Music Video) with content curated from customers & audience’s true stories and images/videos. This in the meantime also solved the problem of Production infeasibility given the complete lockdown.

Being consistant with True Love platform, PNJ spread out the purest true love definition by highlighting the contrast of true love definition nowadays – which is not about the fancy or public expression moments or big things, but it’s simply the minor yet most sincere moments around us, especially in pandemic. The beauty of true love is not in the flashy exterior, but in the hand holding hands to overcome challenges together – and this meaningful image becomes campaign’s key visual to express brand communication message.


With solid strategy, relevant human insights & creative idea, a comprehensive campaign and connection plan was mapped out to maximize the impact and results with 3 phases:
- Phase 1 – Teasing: Raise social discussion about the opposite of the shimmering love outside and the inside sincerity.
Ignited by a social post, Quyen Linh - the lead KOL and also an prominent activist during Covid and other philanthropy work – expressed his authentic story of love, respect and gratitude for his wife. It triggered a social discussion between influencers and consumers about the opposite perception in love, then enhanced the positive changes that everyone realizes from a real love with sincerity.
The campaign leverages Community organic voice and bigger scale with ratio of 30% investment to hype up the campaign meaningful and touching message via interacting format like Q&A VDO with Real Customers, and support to amplify for the contest.
- Phase 2 – Engagement: PNJ accompanies the true beauty of those "Holding hands without leaving" [Những cái nắm tay không rời] to overcome life challenges.
PNJ contest of "Holding hands without leaving" strongly associate the brand with the true lasting love story shared by consumers, most of them are about consumer’s memories with the companionship of PNJ. Thereby, enhancing brand love and engagement with consumers. PNJ continued to release series inspirational photos on fanpage, express the sincere in love with ratio of 25%. These photos are personalized and targeted for each audience with touching message. it was spreaded out among social communities to attract participation of more than 1,500 couples.
- Phase 3 – Maintaining: Declaration of love destination of many couples.
Smartly leveraging the touching stories in engagement phase, PNJ closes the season of True Love 2021 by a music video, that synthesizes information about the love of more than 1,500 couples participating in the "Hold hands without leaving" contest without filming during the epidemic season but still full of love. The brand created a collection that answered the big question that the campaign posed initially: “Does love need to be as beautiful as a dream?” to redefine True Love meaning after a tough period to encourage consumers cherish the sencere moments of love. Beside Social channels, PNJ reinforce humanistic message of the campaign via PR with 15% investment, which gained consumer’s sympathy, especially young people.


PNJ saw outstanding results when True Love harmonised consumers and brand together, with a campaign that focus on Content Strategy with Authenticity & Relevance with very minimal budget (~30% 2020 True Love campaign budget)

1. Branding & Consumer Engagement
- Top 2 Social Campaigns on Social Media in September 2021 (BSI) with the #1 Relevancy Score among Top 10 campaigns, gained 122K Buzz with outstanding CPB (cost per buzz) - 44% better vs. Norm
- Attrated 1,500 couples particiating in engagement contest
- The MV gained total 5 Million Views, in which achieved 1 Million Views in just 24 hours
2. Business Performance:
- Exceeding +20% sales target of September (target set before Covid lockdown) amid Covid lockdown, especially in key cities like HCMC that normally contributes more than 40% of PNJ business)
- Warmed up & generated demand for the new record October ’21 sales, which is +14% vs. Oct ’20 (which was the record monthly sales of Oct for all years)
3. Marketing Efficiency: Powerful Insight allows for High impact, low cost campaign (no major Celebs, no campaign production / shooting)
- Marketing Expense for True Love 2021 is only 30% of previous year
- 2-week campaign preparation due to Covid situation vs. former 4-month lead time.

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