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1/6/2021 - 30/11/2021




In recent years, environmental challenges have significantly emerged and had a severe influence on modern lives. In particular, plastic pollution in Vietnam has reached an alarming level. However, this situation does not receive much attention from the mass public, especially from moms and kids.

With MILO's vision and mission, the brand’s greatest endeavor is to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment and make 100% of Nestlé packaging recyclable or reusable by 2025 & none of the product packaging, including plastics, ends up in landfill or as litter.

This situation presents an opportunity for MILO to strengthen brand connection in consumer life by changing the packaging and cutting down on plastic consumption, helping to create a sustainable future. MILO craves for creating a healthier, greener and cleaner environment and playground for Vietnamese children to exercise and establish a well-rounded development. For that reason, MILO's mission is to educate and encourage the mass public to join hands to take action for a more dynamic and greener Vietnam. MILO aims to spread out information and communicate on the mass adaption of MILO Paper Straw - to inspire the government, moms and kids as a critical act and furthermore educate them new responsible consumption habits while staying true to MILO sport proposition.


Currently, consumers are increasingly interested in smart, sustainable consumption, as well as environmentally friendly products and services right from production to consumption and use of products. Recent Nielsen Vietnam statistics show that 4 out of 5 Vietnamese respondents are willing to pay more to buy environmentally friendly and nature-oriented products. Consumption today not only requires intelligence about product quality, but also requires a deep understanding of the sociality and humanity of each product. As people are becoming more and more environmentally sensitive and health-concerned, their shopping habits shifted to "greener" consumption channels and prioritized well-being.

Consumers, especially moms, are becoming more and more concerned with the environment where their kids are growing up in. At the same time, they also want to educate their children about sustainable issues to help integrate environmentally-friendly actions in daily routines. They believe each change in habit, no matter how small, can make an impact on their kids’ lives in the future.

MILO tapped into that insight by transitioning the MILO UHT range to Paper straws to help eliminate 200 million plastic straw usage per year, to reduce the amount of plastic waste in the environment, as well as create activities for moms and kids to join hands and protect the environment together. From that, MILO came up with the key message of “Choose Paper straw for an energetic and green Vietnam” and the campaign line “Say no to plastic straw, choose Paper straw with MILO” to educate as well as encourage them to take the new responsible consumption habit.


The big idea was to create an Online voting call on MILO's website with the purpose of calling for consumers to vote for Paper straws instead of plastic straws - with the support of the alarming facts and figures of plastic pollution in Vietnam. In addition to that, MILO also awarded Green citizen card registration for participants who joined in the voting call to convey the message for the environment.

To strengthen the brand’s connection in consumers' lives, especially moms & kids', MILO also introduced the new key visual for MILO's Paper straw – a fun character called Agent G – to help take on the new behavior-changing journey with moms and kids by building a relatable image with children and encouraging them to join hands to take action in environmental protection activities.


MILO divided the digital plan of this campaign into 3 phases: Pre-launch, Launch, and Amplification.

Phase 1 - Pre-launch: SAY NO TO PLASTIC STRAW

With the key message "Say No to Platic straw", MILO kicked off the campaign by releasing engaging posts on their Owned media - stating the alarming environmental facts and figures to catch users' attention and raise the concern toward sustainability issues. Then, in collaboration with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment, the campaign received full support in terms of environmental facts and figures, together with the governmental media coverage - releasing PR articles about environmental issuses.

By this phase, MILO introduced the new Paper Straw and by using Bumper ads and a series of Pocket content, we announced that "MILO choose Paper straw" over the plastic one.

This phase's highlight was MILO's Online voting call to advocate on Paper Straw over plastic straw with the support of the alarming facts and figures of the catastrophic influence of plastic pollution in Vietnam, with call-to-action messages, encouraging users to vote for the Paper straw. In addition to that, MILO also awarded Green citizen card registration for participants who joined in the voting call to convey the message for the environment.

In this phase, environmental activist KOLs such as Khánh Vy, Bùi Phương Nga,... joined in as well. They promoted the Paper straw & invited others to join, using the avatar frame changing activity to respond to the movement of “Say no to plastic straws”.

Alongside that, a variety of Hot Moms, Influencers & Teen communities (both public pages and closed groups) posted their engaging content to spread out information and encourage consumers to take action & join the activities.

During the Covid-19 context, MILO also carried out CSR activities supporting the front line during the epidemic season.

Phase 3 - Amplification

To amplify MILO's spirit of reducing plastic waste as well as building a relatable image to moms and kids - the main target audience of the campaign, MILO introduced the new key visual for MILO’s Paper straw – Agent G ("Đặc vụ Môi trường") – to take on this new behaviour-changing journey and invited them to join in the environmental protection activities. Along with the new key visual, we deployed an AR filter for kids to take photo with Agent G: the kids only need to drink MILO and take a photo with the Paper straw still intact. By then, parents could post on Facebook to help them join in the activity and become Agent G's "super assistants".


1. Taking bold action to uplift the sustainability agenda to a new ground by totally switching to paper straw for all UHT SKUs.
2. Turning paper straw into MILO’s competitive advantage to accelerate recruitment and minimize consumer loss.
3. Leveraging data acquisition opportunities through voting activity.

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