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01/06/2021 - 30/01/2022




Along with the rapid growth of E-commerce, online shoppers have become increasingly demanding & evolving. In 2019, Lazada has been the pioneerto introduce its “Shoppertainment” strategy, merging retail, livestreaming, entertainment to create fun, immersive, personalized & innovative experiences for consumers. Shoppertainment’s ultimate goal is to entice customers into e-commerce by providing dynamic and interesting leisure activities as well as transforming online stores into attractions. As part of the strategy, Lazada has initiated Supershow - a large- scale music entertaining & shopping event that are exclusively simulcasted on Lazada app and other channels. The show has been a success consistently.

Then comes the pandemic. COVID-19 has caused significant adjustments in consumer behavior and expectations, which has
brought us both unprecedented challenges and opportunities at the same time. Opportunity – Ecommerce has naturally become the top of mind shopping channel for consumers given the lock down and restriction. Consumers began to yearn for the merging of online shopping and entertainment into a single engaging experience. Challenge – How to evolve shoppertainment and make it even more appealing, immersive & interactive in the current context.


Lazada targets 18-35 years old, living in the urban area, with a progressive and practical mindset. Their nature is to live YOLO life, expose themselves, experience and see the world. To them, the pandemic is unprecedented event, locking them at home, preventing them from all of dynamic, energizing offline activities.
Then, we unearth a powerful insight that Lazada could tap in:
“The pressure of being at home due to lock down has brought me much anxiety. I wish that I still can enjoy my life even at home”
This insight enables us to create a paradigm shift in our creative strategy: While you can’t go out, Lazada will bring the outside world into your home, even more multi-sensational and boundless than what you experienced before the pandemic. Hence, ‘Experience multi-sensation & boundaryless when opening Lazada’ becomes our platform, upon which the future online Supershow are built.


Back then, Lazada Supershow was a music-centric offline event. In the new context, Lazada thinks that why don’t we offer consumer one-stop destination, fulfilling all their needs with multi-sensational enjoyment together with attractive commercial offer during the pandemic lockdown.
We believe it’s time to INNOVATE shoppertainment.
We decided to evolve LAZADA SUPERSHOW from a well-known music-centric offline event to a variety online entertainment show with multi-sensational experiences created by innovative technology such as 3D, AR and XR 360degree...



What is multi sensation?

When join in our shows, consumers can be stimulated almost every sense
You can see Son Tung M-TP chilling in the outer space, Toc Tien as a gorgeous mermaid floating under the sea, ...
You can feel the heat of the summer with dancers on the beach, fashionista & model catwalk on the runway...
You can enjoy pleasurable moment with Tran Thanh comedy performance, your favorite idols battling their talents. Even more, you can be a decision-maker by voting for your idols’ performances.
You can listen to trendy & goose bump arousing music.
How about one-stop?
Our uniquenessisthat we integrate commercial assortments nicely in the shows that consumers
can see now buy now. Thanks to strong ecosystem & backend technology, we can create a
seamless non-physical shopping experience, which means consumers can watch & buy at one
place at the same time, no need to switch to elsewhere. Just 1 click to add to cart, check out and
then enjoy the show. Everything else Lazada can care for you.


The goal of Shopertainment as well as Lazada’s Supershow is to drive consumers to Lazada app to entertain and buy. Strategically, unlike other 4-6 week campaigns, we created a compact and compressed connection plan for Lazada Supershow, given the online show format and the fact that the magnet of total communication is the show content itself.

Therefore we designed a social media campaign with key tasks to optimize investment from awareness to click, maximize conversion rate, balance content and media with shorter pre-
show, push more effort & investment during show to convert in-app view.

Phase 1 – Preshow – Maximize awareness & trigger discussion

10 days before the show, we kick off the campaign by sparkling a social discussion around innovative AR and XR 360degree environment of the show via outreach channels. Starting with
leaking never-before multi-sensory moments on KOLs and hot pages, the discussion rapidly scaled up when a huge number of netizen & influencers talking about those impressive
moments, showing their excitement about 1st time ever of show technology in Vietnam, especially amid limited source of entertainment due to Covid time.

To push the hype, we continued to tease some 1st time ever collaboration & mash up & battle of top-tier Vietnam celebrities in the shows. It triggered millions of discussion, especially in fan
club of KOLs.

Phase 2 – During show – Maximize real-time view & app visit
From the morning of D-day, we triggered FOMO on social media by leveraging a high number of micro influencers & affiliate partners simultaneously to share their excitement about tonight show.
During showtime, we leveraged the most-followed streamers to create real time reaction about the show and crossed live the show across popular entertaining social channels, adding to the popularity of the show. All of the actions resulted in more than 30 million real time view for a single show across channels.
While consumers watched the show, we entice users by incentivizing them massive and attractive giveaway including vouchers & products that ware exclusive in Lazada app only.
Voucher rain – a unique engagement tool in Lazada app, releasing a rain of vouchers on livestream screen –something like fruit slash game, enabled users to slash & collect the voucher
to buy with deep discount.

Phase 2 – Post show – Amplification
We fed full performance with impressive technology, multi-sensory experience and authentic
moment of celebrities right after the show to trigger organic virality. The show moments were
soon spread across the social communities, which reinforce Lazada’s leading edge in
shoppertainment strategy.


Lazada Supershow - one-stop multi sensational shoppertainment shows earn unprecedented
(01) Business KPIs:
- The campaign witnessed a sales spike of 500% GMV yoy uplift during the show
- The show’s unique viewers increased by 587% yoy
- Non buyer Conversion rate multiple 6 times vs. normal
- Consistently leading SEA in GMV share & UV share .

(02) Marketing KPIs:
- Contribute to grow shoppertaiment attribute by 5% compared to before covid wave 4.

(03) Executional highlights:
- The shows goes wild on YouTube & other channels, with total 150M view
- Some of the show sessions rank in Youtube top 10 trending.
- The shows trigger discussions on social with more than 10M buzz volume.

After all, we are proud to bring everyone an exciting immersive and full of positive shopertainment
experience during the toughest time of this year.

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