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18/12/2021 - 14/01/2022




value-driven category connects the shopping task to a more emotional and aspiring territory on Tet?

In the past 3 years, Lazada Tet had been explored at different ideas and insight territories. We witnessed that the severe competition in Tet is not only for E-commerce brands but also for the major consumer/FMCG brands. For eCommerce, the value offering has remained as key and top drivers for purchase and usage decisions from users. Hence, the biggest challenge for Lazada is (i) how to keep highlighting value offers (ii) while defining clearer Tet value in the consumer mind.

For the larger part of 2021, it is a remarkable year of closure; a year of chaos, sorrow, misery; a year of shutdown and closed the normal life we once live casually. Things are terribly dismal, and no one knows what this new year will be like. Normally, they all expect better new things in Tet. Yet for this Tet, they truly believe that the return of normal things or the resumption of their daily life would be considered as
the real starting point for the new beginning.

This social situation presents a unique opportunity for Lazada to strengthen brand connection in consumer life by connecting the shopping task to a more emotional and aspiring territory. As an eCommerce platform brand, Lazada believes that Tet shopping is not only about Tet preparing, but also about the refresh for a new beginning. Because of that belief, Lazada Tet’s mission is to facilitate the shopper to be ready for a better and brighter beginning.


Lazada targets Optimistic Millennials, 25-30 years old, living in the urban area, with a progressive and practical mindset. Their nature is to remain positive and upbeat whatever the day throws at them. They always strive to look for the bright side, even in a more tough context like a pandemic.

To them, Tet is an exciting event to look forward to, yet, a bit burden to worry about, especially in the current context. If Tet is the milestone to wish for the lucky and new beginning, 2021 is not as their expectation and some plans have even been on pause. Normally, they all expect better new things in Tet.
Yet for this Tet, they truly believe that the return of normal things or the resumption of their daily life would be considered as the real starting point for the new beginning.

Then, we unearth a powerful insight that Lazada could tap in:
“Normality is the new beginning. I truly believe that the little new things and the little retouch of normal things are critical to have a newer and brighter beginning in this Tet.”
This ‘aha!’ insight enables us to create a paradigm shift in our creative strategy: Instead of purely insisting on promotion-focus communication on Tet, Lazada will facilitate shoppers to be ready for a better and brighter beginning. Hence, ‘New beginning by opening Lazada’ becomes our Tet platform insight, upon which the future campaigns are built.


Starting from the truth of 2021 is a remarkable year of closure – closed business, closed restaurants, closed cafes, closed markets, closed shops, closed schools, closed theaters, closed transport; a year of shutdown and closed the normal life we once lived casually. Lazada thinks that why don’t we also CLOSE this mediocre year and OPEN a new, normal Tet.

We believe it’s time to OPEN...
Open new days of worry-free. Open the heart to get blissfully happy. Open the eyes for new year’s vision. Open ourselves for the makeovers. Open the app to freeship shopping mission. Open wallet for favorite shop. Open crazy sales for best items to cop. Here is to Opening Lazada with simple pleasure that becomes new treasure.
We realized that Lazada's role naturally fits in both functional and emotional aspects. In terms of functionality, Lazada facilitates consumers in refreshing their entire family in the most convenient (free ship) and saving way (better price and voucher) through wide ranges of assortment (New Beginning Collections - New Health, New You, New Outfit, New Kit). For emotional-wise, Lazada facilitates the shopper to be ready for a better and brighter beginning.

Finally, we decided to leverage the contrast between Close and Open as a creative hook that was implemented consistently and introduced the campaign: OPEN LAZADA, OPEN THE NEWNESS FOR TET (MỞ LAZADA – MỞ RA TẾT MỚI)


The four-phase social media campaign is designed to capitalize on the contrast between Close and Open in order to spotlight and set ‘Open the newness for Tet’ (#Moratetmoi) becomes one of the hottest trends on Tet.

Phase 1 – Kick off
Driving on the year-end review behavior on social, we decided to kick off the campaign by sparking a social discussion around Close (2021) – Open (2022) via outreach channels and hijack #MORATETMOI at a big scale across social media touchpoints. Starting with a poetic response
challenge (Nối thơ challenge) from top two celebrities – Trấn Thành & Lan Ngọc – about their unfinished checklist in 2021 and wishes in 2022, the discussion rapidly scaled up when a huge number of KOLs responded to talk about their personal stories. After only four days, the trend of reviewing the old year in the closed and open style has become a new banger among youngsters.

Phase 2 – Announcement
The TVC is then released at a high wave across social channels, emphasizing how Lazada facilitates the shopper to OPEN a new year with a better and brighter beginning. The story of ‘OPEN the newness for Tet continues’ to be pushed to the climax as we partnered with affiliates to launch the 'Open' content series in short video format, inspired by one of the most popular TikTok trends in 2021 #transformation.
- Visualizing how consumers could transform to welcome the new year with the assistance of Lazada in many aspects of life (New me – new outfits/appearance; New home – new home furniture/devices for refreshment; New Gift – new hamper ideas for beloved).

Phase 3 – Engagement
Following the trend of year-end CLOSE & OPEN review, we deployed an AR Filter on Instagram and TikTok for youngsters to OPEN and capture what they expect in the new year. Next, the creative concept ‘OPEN the newness for Tet’ is brought closer to the audience via a stunt which drive online to offline interaction. For the first time in the market, we allowed consumer to hunt vouchers directly on 3D OOH; people could capture and OPEN the app to redeem for Tet shopping. With amplification across channels, the ‘Voucher hunt’ stunt quickly attracted and generated huge real-time interaction and discussion with consumers on social.

Phase 4 – Amplification
To amplify the brand’s emotional point-of-view “Normality is the new beginning, Lazada believes just being normal is enough for Tet” and celebrate with people to OPEN a better and brighter year, we released a musical MV on YouTube ‘Chỉ cần bình thường thôi Tết cũng đủ mới rồi – Just being normal is enough for Tet’ featured the top two celebrities that initiated the social discourse around Close-Open in the very beginning phase of the campaign Trấn Thành – Lan Ngọc. With the Broadway cheerful tone and mood and cleverly placed brand messages, the MV quickly became one of the most replayed songs during Tet with 10.5 million views.


Lazada’s ‘Open Lazada – Open newness for Tet’ (Mở Lazada – Mở ra Tết mới) earns unprecedented results:
(01) Business KPIs:
- The campaign witnessed a sales spike of 46% GMV uplift (YAGO) in a more emotion-led occasion
- Direct DAU (Daily active users) increased by 36% (YAGO)

(02) Marketing KPIs:
- Break the record on Lazada’s brand health growth, brand TOMA uplift 6% while brand Consideration increases by 2% compared to 12.12 (2021) campaign.
- Along with the strong growth in value offering Brand Imageries (+4% for Best Price & Variety of vouchers; +3% for Freeship)

(03) Executional highlights:
- For the 1st time Lazada campaign appears in BSI rankings on Tet period, our campaign has successfully claimed TOP 6 campaign on social (BSI – January 2021)
- The musical MV goes wild on YouTube with 10.5M views with 65% VTR.

After all, we are proud to bring everyone a better and brighter Tet - a Tet that everyone is looking forward
to after a pandemic year. Open Lazada, Open the newness for Tet.

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