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7/12/2021 - 29/01/2022




Larue has always been one of the most popular choices for gatherings & parties thanks to its attractive color & refreshing tastes. However, Covid happened, cutting deeply into the beverage industry; and the social distancing made the brand role irrelevant in such circumstances. Hence, relaunching this Tet, Larue’s most critical task is not only building awareness but also creating a new meaning that could elevate the brand & driving both short- & long-term business performance.

Carrying a task that includes not just one but several objectives, we know that a normal awareness campaign would hardly work. Hence, we chose a disruptive approach to create a Social Noise at first. Larue used influencers to launch a message asking people to welcome Tet regardless of what concerns they are having. Tet comes only once per year, and that is the time for enjoyment. Larue has always been representing optimism & cheerfulness, empowered by that spirit, we encourage people “No need to wait”, open a Larue to see Tet.

The social noise intentionally included an undeniable offer to ask the consumers to participate & join. Following that, we amplified that noise across Digital media touchpoints. The campaign helped to create a refreshing meaning for Larue in Tet and drove sales.


To Larue’s targeted audiences, the young men of 28-30, the signs of Tet are year-end parties, bonus salary, Tet gifts, promotions, etc. However, halfway through 2021, after Covid impact, most people knew that these values could hardly come this year. On one side, people were expecting Tet after such a challenging year. On the other side, people got stuck in worrying, they were afraid of the fact that the normal values that they were waiting for to welcome Tet may not come this year.

Utilizing all the changes in Users’ Media Behavior that Covid has brought during & after its 4th wave, Influencers/KOLs are leveraging aggressively to generate social noises, earn trust & organic spreading ability since Digital/Social, with its double time-spent starting since 2021 (312 mins/ day in 2021 vs. 148 mins/ day in H2 2019), takes the leading role to build reach yet engage at scale with the consumers to amplify the cheerful message of Larue. In addition, we maximize relevance with the key targeted regions by driving the smart approach of Social Billboard to roar up the overall impact of the project.


Tet is the most awaited holiday of the year, which often comes through its signs since pre-Tet period, when Vietnamese people can feel Tet around.
In such a middle term, at the end of 2021 & before Tet 2022, we responded to both the market situation and target audience insights. The campaign was kicked off using Social Noises as the main creative tools, spreading the message - “NO NEED TO WAIT FOR A JOYFUL TET” (Tết yêu đời, không cần đợi), we remind people to embrace every meaningful signs of Tet naturally
From consumer insights: Larue lovers are positive practical minds. They do not want to be trapped in the mist. So, why not just enjoy the valuable moments.
From brand insights: Larue is the brand that represents the possibility. We choose to stand on the bright side of it to remind us that a good Tet doesn’t have to wait for materialistic value. As long as people stay cheerful, a good Tet will come.
So, let’s not wait for the materialistic values to have Tet, instead, having Larue. We transform Larue to become one of the first signs of Tet sparking positivity all around.

With Social Noises being the main tools to win, the campaign is operated surrounding this center, using Digital, Social, Influencers, Contents to ignite, disrupt & amplify.

The Approach to the cheerful TET – Larue encourages people to embrace every meaningful signs of Tet in natural ways, to spark on the cheerfulness of Tet, without any materialistic signs to wait.

Phase 1 – Larue Promotion Launch, focus on amplifying Larue Tet Promotion. Create a social trend with Larue Tet Promotion via the launch Larue Tet packs, through the content angle “Ăn tết sớm không cần đợi with Larue Tet Promotion”.
In this phase, one of the key creativity drivers is the Social “Fake" Billboard, which was customized by regions, focusing on the key regions in Vietnam, which helps drive awareness among these regions with relevance. Larue utilized the Regional Pages to spread the news of a “Coming soon Tet '' billboard on the most signature landscape across VietNam.

Phase 2 - Social stunt on microsite - happened during Pre-Tet period to drive engagement with target audiences: No need to wait to hunt for the true definition of Tet First Signs, those are the culturally authentic and familiar signs of Tet that we have missed due to the materialistic values.
Tapping into the right Consumer Truth: Everyone loves mission & rewards – that's to make people engage and enjoy more of the experiences. Larue Tet signs hunt has the potential to make every Tet even more fun, exciting and engaging. Larue created a microsite where users can complete daily missions to hunt the signs of Tet and earn rewards from Larue.
This phase also unveils 3 key KOL – Chi Dan, Ngo Kien Huy, Truong The Vinh to lead conversation on social media, who are the relevant faces with huge follower base especially well influence the focused mainstream regions (Central Mid, Central Highland & Mekong Delta).

Phase 3 - Gifting Occasions: No need to wait Gifting – As Tet comes near, people are looking forward more and more to it, especially to the gifting moments. Given livestream is one of the rising preferable formats of users on social media, we collaborated with KOLs to launch a series of engaging livestream, where KOLs will enjoy Tet countdown parties, and the more they enjoy, the more gifts they will give away to users. In which, users can interact with KOL lively by commenting on the gifts they want to send their beloved ones and then KOLs will pick randomly and make it come true.


To deliver the campaign objective with effectiveness and efficiency, Larue well leveraged Social channels with a good mix to ensure both scale and relevance. In which, Lead KOLs accounted for the highest investment ratio at 37% to play the key role of ignite and inspire the campaign message to target audiences, then following by Community pages with 36% for amplification role to massive social users, while Supporting and Micro KOLs with 27% to follow Lead KOLs activities to spread the message and attract users' engagement.


With an insightful approach and new creative and relevant content and format usage, Larue Campaign had achieved outstanding results:
- Gained 1,023K Buzz with outstanding CPB – Over 341% vs. KPI
- Top 3 Social Campaigns on Social Media in December 2021 and Top 1 in January 2022 (BSI Top 10 Campaigns)
- Attracted 7,500 users participating in the Engagement Social Stunt

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