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16/10/2021 - 30/11/2021




Heineken Silver is one of the premium beer brands that target the office workers who demand a lighter liquid that is still enjoyable but no hindrance for their upcoming workdays.
As Covid-19 pandemic in Vietnam, our consumers were cut off from their joyous gathering after a long day at work and constantly facing sadness, anxiety and boredom at home.
Heineken Silver believes that there is always a way to enjoy life, even when you are at home, as long as you have a fresh perspective. With the consumer-centric approach, Heineken Silver launched “Weeknightology'' campaign (Vui đi chờ chi cuối tuần), to turn staying-at-home-at-weeknight as barrier from fun to opportunity for fun, where they can create unlimited fun they have yet done before. In which, Heineken Silver role is a recipe of fun - will ignite their weeknight fun by offering diversified ways to enjoy the weeknights to the fullest.
In addition, there is an interesting research among the youth that found out that “Each Weekday can lead young people to fun activities no matter where they are", and each number of weekdays (2, 3, 4, 5) has its own magical power. Those findings can be considered as Heineken Silver's opportunities to associate the brand's purpose of inspiring GenZ to enjoy the weeknights, stay positive and have fun. Thus, Heineken launched The Weeknightology platform to enable GenZ to have unlimited fun every weeknight.
Basis our strategy around content and leverage trending topics and formats on Social, we achieved desired outcomes with effectiveness and efficiency, as well as a considerable amount of earned media.


Amidst Covid-19, Social platform consolidated its position as a go-to-platform for information update, source of entertainment and means of communication for all Internet users, especially our consumers – adult 18-35 years old, workers with sociable responsibilities. Showing by an aggressive increase in users across top 3 popular platforms (Facebook increased 27%, Youtube increased 26%, Tiktok increased 36% in Q2 ’21 vs. Q4 ’20).
Thus, Heineken Silver wishes to leverage Social media as a tool to spread its vibe and encourage genZ to enjoy every weeknight to the fullest despite the negative impact of the pandemic.
In terms of social content during pandemic, users were approached by tons of informative long content everyday, and taking notice of new types of content on Social that easy to go viral such as “brain twisting” dialogues, KOLs reaction, and poem/ rap/ rhythm/ punchline, “Weeknightology” absorbed all of these contents and formats with short and sharp approach delivered via KOLs content instead of complicating user's journey, with the goal of enlivening the mood and igniting unlimited fun every weeknight via a familiar and viral-able engagement format.


Digital and Social were chosen as the main platforms to activate the campaign, thus we focused on simplicity, accessibility and viral-ability as the main criterias to create our Social activities.
Riding the trend of content creation, we created an easy and exciting activity, where KOLs challenge users to contribute ideas for weeknight fun activities with Heineken Silver via attractive and trendy content format of rhyming parallel/ punchline sentences as the solutions for each weekday. Using the fanpages of Heineken and 4 Lead KOLs, who represent the 4 days of the week with each different kind of fun, trendy yet sustainable activity. The campaign has recruited a great deal of participants, which was activated in 3 different stages:
Firstly, the campaign was ignited by 4 Lead KOLs who inspired users about the concept of “Weeknightology” and introduced them to the punchline challenge. We created different playful slogans for each KOLs that well matching with their personalities:
- Tuan Tran: represent for Monday, invincible game play (Thứ hai, Chiến Game Bất Bại)
- Minh Tu: represent for Tuesday, home bar drink away (Thứ ba, Mở Bar Tại Gia)
- Lan Ngoc: represent for Wednesday, what you’re gonna say? (Thứ tư, Vô Tư Chat Chit)
- Truc Nhan: represent for Thursday, eat without pay! (Thứ năm, Măm Măm Món Tủ)

Then, upon the announcement of the 4 Lead KOLs, our wide range of supporting KOLs, micro-influencers and community joined the fray with their own punchline content to further spread the trend among social users. During the challenge, our influencers incorporated the spirit and message of Heineken Silver in a catchy and funny way.

Lastly, Heineken Silver concluded the campaign with not only the winning prizes but also a very “Weeknightology” spirit of fun – to be present with their favorite KOLs and create their own fun in the winning ceremony video.


The campaign was activated across Digital and Traditional media with the main focus on Social platform as the key catalyst of its success, where we leveraged a variety of different tiers and types of Influencers and Community to maximize synergy effect and get the most out of investment:
- Lead KOLs (Tuan Tran, Minh Tu, Lan Ngoc, Truc Nhan) must be those well-known celebrities with a huge fan base and a reputation of closely connected to their fans to ensure substantial engagements during kick-off and to create a warm welcome atmosphere for the campaign - those accounted for 71% of social investment
- Supporting KOLs/ Micro influencers, accounting for 24% of social investment, are those influential figures on Digital to amplify and further spread the awareness of the campaign. In addition, the supporting KOLs having social interaction and good chemistry with the Lead KOLs are advantages for us to maintain the engagement and keep encouraging users to join the challenge. We recorded considerable earned media from the organic engagement between KOLs as those interactions soon to become another trend on other Social channels.
- Community plays the role of capturing and integrating the Heineken Silver “Weeknightology” spirit throughout the campaign, at the ratio of 5%


Thanks to a clear cut strategy from a thorough consumer insights and basis our strategy of simplicity, accessibility and viral-ability content, we achieved outstanding results:
- Top 3 Social Campaign on Social Media in October and Top 5 in November 2021 (BSI Top 10 Campaigns), with 11,764 buzz (148% vs. KPI)
- More than 35,000 punchline ideas had been created and submitted with more than 6,500 unique accounts joined the challenge, helping drive this activity as a social trend at that time.

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