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07/12/2021 - 20/01/2022




Along with the world, fashion is changing every day. As the leading fabric-care brand in the market, Comfort knows it well. But Comfort doesn’t just focus on talking about color, length, or silhouette. Comfort is committed to making the planet a better place by helping consumers to keep their clothes looking newer for longer with the belief of #LongLiveClothes.

This year, just like every other year, the brand views Tet as a unique occasion to engage Vietnamese netizens in an annual national rally on social media, as social listening data indicates that Tet clothes are among the most discussed topics during the season. However, Comfort decided to do it differently this year.

Comfort understood the fact that all the adversities that had happened over the past two years had already shifted consumers’ behavior towards less spending for everything, even if for Tet’s preparation. Hence, the brand’s strategy isn’t about telling people “not to buy new clothes” nor “redefine new clothes” in welcoming the Tet holiday. Instead, Comfort wanted to be an inspiration to “re-wear” current clothes for a new look at this Tet by deploying purpose-led content in the Tet campaign.

Besides coming up with Creative Ideas and Key Asset ideation, our big task was to leverage social listening data from BSI while preparing a clear Communication plan that involved KOLs & Groups - Communities that best fit to spread the message. Moreover, we needed to think of matching content directions drop down from the Creative Idea umbrella and be innovative in content formats to create fun and engaging content that can lure consumers to not only talk about it but also participate in the social movement.



Knowing most people would have a re-evaluation on spending, instead of taking an obvious stand against buying new clothes, Comfort invited them to explore the endless joy of mixing & matching their current clothes as a way to refresh themselves for the new year. This isn’t just to demonstrate that Tet can be a mindset but also how Comfort wants people to understand that Tet’s cheerful spirit is meant to be found within each person.

There is a universal truth that people always look for fun and enjoyment during Tet. So that, we reviewed common practices in the market during the Tet period and decided to choose none other than music - one of the special characteristics that generate fun and a Spring vibe.

After all consideration, we leveraged the classic fairy tale ‘Cinderella’ to inspire people to seek the transformational power within themselves in the absence of real magic: instead of giving Cinderella a fairy godmother that could fashion for her a fabulous dress out of thin air, we gave her Comfort fashionista fairy godfather who is, well, equally powerful in his transformational skills.

The story is about Cinderella rushing to get a new dress for prom night, but what remained in her closet were the old clothes. In that circumstance, Comfort appeared as the savior to keep her clothes as good as new, which encouraged her to try mixing & matching old clothes for a completely new look. In the end, our Cinderella successfully made it to the ball and met her dreamy prince after a few rounds of mix-and-match. Although her outfit is different from the crowd but we still saw her bright smile as she felt completely empowered, and nothing could get in her way.

Subsequently, we came up with the hero of our campaign being an old fairy tale made new by the one and only - Hau Hoang - the queen of remixed songs & folklores. With more than 7.5 million subscribers and 2.8 billion views on YouTube, Hau Hoang represents the spirit the brand wants to highlight in this Tet: any old materials could be as good as new ones if you are confident and believe in yourself because the transformational magic is within each person.


Our #ComfortMixMatch campaign ran for six weeks in 3 key phases, starting with Hau Hoang’s music video launch.

While partnering up with Social Listening partner Buzzmetrics to keep track and monitor campaign deployment is a must, we also planned our content deployment across channels carefully so that our Key Asset Parody MV was supported thoroughly, and all other contents were well spread to create a halo effect.

The campaign started with a photo post on Comfort’s brand fan page, followed by a teaser photo post on Hau Hoang’s fanpage to trigger curiosity about the next MV. From this point, all the content with the keyword “comfort”, “mix”, “match” were tracked and monitored.

On the airing day, we spread the news in the most active and showbiz-oriented Groups & Communities to create a halo effect for Parody MV’s “Cô bé Nhọ Nhem” officially launch on YouTube. We take advantage of cuts and images from the MV to stimulate users' curiosity about the MV, urging people to go online and watch it. Shortly, Comfort created a social challenge, “Comfort Mix & Match for a fashion look Tet holiday”, followed by Macro - Micro KOLs joining in the challenge to roll out and recruit consumers quickly. At the same time, KOLs and mass Groups & Communities brought up the heat with multiple content directions & multiple formats (duo-live stream, BFF live stream, live stream with stylist) to further shout out the message of “re-wearing clothes”: We encourage users to exchange fashion items with BFFs to create some new outfits in the form of a duo-live stream, we enable fans of KOLs to pick their old items to create new looks as well as give KOLs the chance to collaborate with stylists to change their style with old outfits.

By executing these fun and engaging formats, all the posts/videos/live streams generated a hot discussion amongst social users, resulting in a huge number of Buzz and Brand mentions for Comfort.

To further enhance the discussion as well as to make Tet more relevant to consumers, we hosted a minigame “Thử tài bắt hình - Match quà đỉnh” whilst executing the product review angle under TikTok video format as it easily catches the attention of youngsters.
Correspondingly, we continue to maintain the live stream series “Xả vibe đón 5 mùng Tết” with more Fashionista/Lifestyle KOLs and Groups - Communities to preserve users’ engagement with the concept of “re-wearing clothes”.


Overall, the campaign garnered a buzz volume of nearly 680,000, ranked among the top 7 most discussed and shared during pre-Tet despite the stiff competition for share of voice. Comfort is the only FMCG brand being widely discussed during this period, based on Buzzmetrics ranking on Dec 2021 and other obvious categories such as Beverage.

Our co-created music video starring Hau Hoang earned more than 17 million views, 480 thousand engagements on Hau Hoang’s YouTube channel. Meanwhile, other social renditions of the Parody MV gained over 4 million views and ranked #2 top trending music videos on social. Moreover, the campaign also harvested remarkable numbers, including 31.8 million views on TikTok composed of all videos with the hashtag #cobenhonhem, resulting in a total of 5 million engagements platforms-wide. All were achieved with an audience scale of 120 thousand.

Various content topics and angles generated by KOLs also helped to make a somewhat controversial idea of repurposing clothes for Tet, which seems unorthodox to the tradition, become positive and welcomed. We scored 0.78 for virality and earned 1,267 outcomes for all social challenges.

By reviving the interest in Tet clothes topics, we successfully made Comfort a Tet-relevant brand once again. Above all, Comfort has successfully proven to be a brand that goes beyond its fabric caring functions. It has empowered thousands to discover the transformation magic within themselves through their clothes.

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