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19/12/2021 - 31/12/2021




Bivina used to be known as the iconic beer of Phu Quoc and South Central Coast areas. Nevertheless, Bivina has expanded its territory gradually to conquer more consumers, especially in the Mekong Delta with a more meaningful and relevant brand image, along with its matching beer taste and value for money. With the ambition of converting more consumers in mainstream regions and retaining the current consumer base after a challenging pandemic, by being the closest companion of the consumers, for the first time ever, Bivina launched a Festive Music Video spreading inspirational cheerfulness and positivity for this Tet season.

Having the collaboration with Hồ Phi Nal, a social phenomenon familiar with both users in Central Coast and Mekong, in this Music Video is to drive relevance and gain attraction to targeted audiences in mainstream regions. He is a rising artist in 2021 coming from Mekong Delta, who not only can sing but also is a talented composer with his very own one of a kind music genre – positive, fun, and approachable style like the true Mekong Delta people. The majority of his follower profile across platforms is also skewed to mainstream regions. One of his remarkable achievements in 2021 is the hit “Roi Toi Luon”, which achieved top 1 on Zing Mp3 chart after just one week and gained more than 77 million views on Youtube within 2 months, it also organically triggered millions user generated contents of the song cover/ remix/ dance cover across digital platforms like Youtube, Tiktok and Facebook. Thus, Bivina expected to achieve the challenging objective of making this music video become one of the top trending music videos associated with Tet, despite having budget constraints and intense competition from other major players in the Festive MV field .

To deliver brand ambition, an appropriate strategy that focuses completely on Digital has been initiated, which required a good integration of driving paid view via paid media and organic view via utilizing social impact to push view and social discussion for the music video virality. In which, a RELEVANT Influencer Selection Strategy is our key focus. We prioritized selecting those KOLs who have a mass scale of followers to ensure massive reach for the MV during the high clutter festive season, yet needs to have an influence on mainstream people, as well as having positive, friendly, and approachable vibes similar to mainstream people. Besides that, community fan pages are also a must-have channel to spread out further for the MV, in which we focused on mass, music, and regional pages.


Bivina beer brand was a newbie in the alcohol industry. Although the beer is highly customized for specific audience groups living in Rural Coastal areas in Vietnam, Bivina is freshly new with low awareness & weak connection with consumers. Hence, it is crucial for the brand to borrow the influence of outside sources to magnify its awareness and impact.

2021 was known as a booming year for influencer marketing because of the rising trend of digital and social in particular, given Covid impact. Digital consumption increased with double online time spent (312 mins/ day in 2021 vs. 148 mins/ day in H2 2019). Along with the growth of Digital/Social apps Facebook, YouTube, Tiktok, an influencer can reach millions of followers at once in the online world. We chose to do a niche approach borrowing the influence from the Influencers to empower the Bivina campaign. Leveraging a strategic mix of influencers x paid media. We employ a Brand Ambassador to represent the brand, launched organically at first to leverage the influencer’s fandoms to create impact. Following, we used paid media & smaller social influencers, communities to multiply & amplify the impact.

In addition, Our target group is Male 18-45, who live in these areas are unique, they are simple-minded, who are also optimistic, who are always looking for positivity and always proud of their hometowns and professions. As 2021 was a tough year for everyone, there were many "bad luck" (“xu" in Vietnamese slang) that happened.
- Bad luck of love - a love story for a whole year without a lover
- Bad luck of doing business – Sailing, yet there were no fish
- Bad luck of money – social distancing that people have to stop working, etc.

However, in the mind of our target group, this year was going to pass anyway; and in such a drowning year, they would choose to let it go & looking for a better year to come:
- “The unlucky year has passed; I hope next year I can catch a lot of big fish.”
- “After nearly a year not allowing to work, I hope we can resume normal next year so I can go back to work"
- "After staying home alone for more than a year, I am looking forward to the new year when to f
ind my love"


Taking the insight from the market situation, media consumption behaviors as well as our target audience perception, Bivina chose Nal, who is one of the most famous singers in rural Vietnam, to be key Brand Ambassador. Leveraging Music Video, with its nature that consumers are going to repeatedly listen to, we cooperated with Nal to launch a branded humorous music video. Nal's music is very catchy, easy-to-listen, easy-to-remember rhythm, and he has a cheerful spirit that matches the brand proposition and the real-life situation post Covid -19.
With the influence from Nal, the campaign was designed to win with two key factors:
- A music video brings the positive and encouraging spirit, especially through real stories of people in rural and coastal areas, in a more cheerful and optimistic way, thereby easily touching listeners' hearts.
- The power of a mix type of influencers:
+ Mass scale, with most followers in rural and coastal areas (>60%)
+ Approachable, friendly, upbeat, and positive image
Hence, launching this time, Bivina wants to represent joys & positivity to celebrate the new year with consumers. Cooperated with Nal, we launched the MV “Let raise your glass” (Roi Nang Cai Ly) - reflecting a popular action of Vietnamese people to cheer and celebrate. When cheering, all the "bad luck" of the past year will be over.

With influencers being the key to winning, paid media supported to build scale & the MV “Raise the glass” is the main stunt, the campaign was operated in 2 main phases to kick start, build up & amplify.
1. Kick start/Warming up: Whatever “bad luck” moments, there's always a way to lift you up with positivity - let's wait for the upcoming MV!
Nal played the role of key influencer of the campaign, he started teasing about the MV & we employed a series of micro and macro influencers in rural and coastal area to spread the MV shortcut with catchy tune together with their "bad luck" authentic stories in 2021 to intrigue viewers and trigger them to wait for the MV launching date.

2. Key launch: Raise your glass no matter what & spread out the positive spirit to people around you.
- Nal launched the MV on YouTube & used Social to spread it further. In the short launching week, we used social influencers, YouTubers & hot Tiktokers to cover the MV to spread & use paid media to multiply the MV impact to push the MV to YouTube top trending tab.
- We leveraged more tactics with social community pages to upload highlights/ cutdown MV under mini game format & PR to further spread KOL reaction MV and leverage each KOL's own story in the most touching way to drive views.


Bivina leveraged the influence of KOLs with effective channel mix, to drive the impact and empower the campaign's success. In which, Lead KOL accounted for 52% investment as the key role of driving campaign impact, while supporting KOL and Micro KOL were invested by 20% to help spreading out the MV to users, then Community is the key channel to amplify the MV to the mass social users with attractive formats supporting for driving MV organic view (28% budget).


Given budget constraint, Bivina still experienced a successful campaign with strong proven achievements, by using smart strategy of Social Media Influencers with Relevance:
- Top 4 Social Campaigns on Social Media in December 2021 (BSI Top 10 Campaigns) with the highest Relevancy Score among Top 10 campaigns at 0,84
- Gained 416K Buzz with outstanding CPB - 150% better vs. Norm
- Top 4 Trending for Music on Youtube after 11 days launching the MV, gained total 20 Million Views
- Attracted over 100 thousand organic UGCs across channels without any rewards which are the song cover for dance, remix, sing, …

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