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05/01/2022 - 30/01/2022




Bia Viet - the beer brand representing Vietnamese people; the brand that respects Vietnamese people from every part of the country: despite different accents & unique characteristics, we Vietnamese people all share common rooted values that makes us, us. Throughout the year, “All In" is the iconic Vietnamese spirit that Bia Viet has always endorsed and emphasized, especially in each and every milestone of the country to endorse Vietnamese pride such as: football tournaments and traditional holidays.
In the context of the approaching Tet season, particularly after the tumultuous and hard year 2021 with the Covid pandemic, Bia Viet understands that this is the time for the content and topics about the homeland about Tet to be of the most interest not only for to the entire population in general but also for expatriates in particular. The question is raised: how does Bia Viet's image connect with the Tet holiday story and continue to convey the spirit of giving it all to viewers?
Bia Viet launched the campaign “All In Arriving Home For A Blooming Tet” with the purpose to become the national beer chosen by every Vietnamese people across the country. As a beer representing Tet, the brand would like to bring meaning to Vietnamese people and a symbol for presents in Tet.
The strategy focuses on building stories and sharing emotional content to resonate with the audience – delivering the brand message. Natural and real elements are leveraged to properly convey the spirit of “All In”. We built a content circuit throughout the process of preparing to welcome Tet to the journey home and end with the happiness of reunion when Tet arrived, showing the image of Bia Viet accompanying everyone right from the early stages of Tet and was an indispensable item in Tet.


Going home for Tet reunion is Vietnam culture, which brings a festive vibe stronger than any other activities.
After a difficult year due to the covid pandemic (both mental and physical), seemingly normal things like health and family become more meaningful than ever. Therefore, in Tet 2022, what people wish for is no longer gifts, money, or sublime material, Vietnamese people only want a Tet season with precious reunion moments with family, relatives, and friends.
However, the covid epidemic also makes the wish – thought was simple but far away because of insufficient finance, limited means of transportation, and risks for wellbeing. The way home had never been difficult as it is. With several researches, we defined consumer expectation in Tet:
+ Everyone looks forward to a normal Tet, without epidemics
+ A time of happiness and family bonding after a long period of social distancing
+ Promotion programs from brands as a reward at the end of the year

In the social media market during the Tet season, most of the brands during the Tet season in Vietnam will exploit around 4 majors and main insight platforms: Going Home, New Beginning, Celebration, and Appreciations. Combining two factors, Bia Viet has given the message orientation and the way to reach consumers
+ We believe that "Tet is for going home", "Tet is for gathering"
+ Bia Viet will accompany, inspire and support Vietnamese people throughout this Tet
+ The communication concentrate on authenticity and emotion to be well resonated with the audience

In addition, Digital consumption increased with double online time spent (312 mins/ day in 2021 vs. 148 mins/ day in H2 2019). Social has experienced an aggressive increase in no. of users across top 3 popular platforms (Facebook increased 27%, Youtube increased 26%, Tiktok increased 36% in Q2 ’21 vs. Q4 ’20), so Social is the most relevant platform to maximize campaign message about Bia Viet Union Station, as well as capturing the journey home of people to spread out meaningful message for a blooming Tet to mass users.


Emphasize the message "All In Arriving Home For A Blooming Tet". Bia Viet creates activities to support people on their journey home with “Bia Viet Union Station” (“Trạm Đoàn Viên Bia Việt"), a series of stations that provide visitors from meals to drinks, gasoline, and essential needs to assist people to go home and reunite - Bia Viet will always support and cherish them on their way.
The heart of the campaign content is to leverage the power and exaggerate the beauty of real-life stories around the journey home in which Bia Viet appears as a companion on every road, thereby expressing and highlighting the meaning and image of Bia Viet in Vietnamese people’s life, especially in Tet: preparation, go home, and reunion.
The campaign was executed 3 phases and coveraged with national KOLs and influencers who are expatriates:
+ Phase 1 – Trigger: Attracting consumers' attention with the theme of homesickness and the longing to return home to celebrate Tet with their family.
Khac Viet – one of the most popular faces nationwide with a natural and friendly tone of voice – is selected to kick off the campaign. Starting with the content of missing his hometown, which is simple and authentic storytelling about the specialties of his homeland along with sharing nostalgias and looking forward to the coming Tet, the content provoked and called out the homesickness of every expatriate and successfully became the talking point among compatriots and fans.

+ Phase 2 – Engage: Bia Viet combines with stops at main routes to provinces and cities to support and give out presents to people on their journey home. This activity was widely engaged on multiple social network platforms:
- Not only the domestic KOLs but also the expatriate vloggers had participated in the campaign to share their stories of return and integrate the image of Bia Viet in their homecoming content to enhance the campaign’s authenticity and coverage. This was one of the exclusive and innovative qualities over the brand's challengers.
- The understanding of consumer habits relating to music products led to the collaboration with famous singer Bui Cong Nam to produce a new VDO version of his relevant top hit at that moment “This Tet, I'll be home" (“Tết này con sẽ về"), in which he shared his experiences at the Bia Viet Union Station.
- The regional pages and community pages utilized light-hearted, easily replicated yet touching contents which are welcomed by the majority and reproduce the trend uniquely.
This series of far-reaching marketing activities with heavy weight lasting only 2 weeks had maximized awareness of the brand and distinguished itself from other competitors during the most critical holiday season for Vietnamese people.

+ Phase 3 – Sustain: The journey home is packed full of reunion moments
Following a series of meaningful and authentic content about the journey home along Bia Viet, the campaign left behind with joyful and heartwarming images of KOLs when they reunite with their family in the cultural activities of Tet season. All of those activities and images always include Bia Viet as part of Tet reunion.

With a meaningful communication message of Bia Viet, content strategy focuses on authentic storytelling and images rather than heavy commercial / brand exposure.


The campaign employed a digital-centric approach, which accounts for 60% of the budget, to create attention and engagement among the expatriate who is digital savvy and loves to keep updated with social community, while the remaining budget is for paid media on the major social platforms - Facebook and Youtube to spread out brand communication message.
Within the social platform, influencers were the key component of the campaign to create hero content. Bia Viet had wisely balanced the expense of influencer mix, ranging from celebrity as Khac Viet (15% of budget) to Macro and Micro KOLs (45%) and extending to regional and community pages (40%) to ensure campaign sufficient coverage. The mix had also satisfied the required equal between North, Central and South to drive effectiveness.


Bia Viet Festive campaign with a meaningful content approach to the majority of Vietnamese people across regions, especially after Covid impact, when they realized and embraced the reunion moments. So the campaign success is well proven on both online and offline with impressive result:
- The campaign was recognized as No. 2 Outstanding Festive Campaign - Top 2 Social Buzz Campaign in January with 548,310 Buzz, in which earned media accounted for an amazing number at 83%, showing the impact of social content helping drive virality and positive feedback of consumers.
- More than 122,000 people were supported at the Bia Viet Union Station on their home journey, and running out of 100% total campaign promotion volume after just 50% campaign timegone, specifically:

+ 92,000 water bottles
+ 38,000 meals
+ 19,000 petro refueling vouchers

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